Farm Inspired


Local Love

We love to support our local organic farmers, artisan producers, beer makers, cider makers and distilleries. Utah has slowly become more culturally diverse, resulting in a vibrant market offering some of the highest quality products in the U.S.

Always Natural

Niman Ranch all-natural beef, Mary’s Organic Poultry(Sonoma County, CA), Shad’s organic farming right here in Salt Lake City

Expertly Paired

The restaurant’s atmosphere and expertly crafted menu makes for the perfect pair. Come enjoy a relaxed evening of effortless enjoyment.

Sustainably Sourced

We believe that excellent ingredients that are responsibly sourced creates killer food and we’re proving it every day

Taste of personality

See Events & Catering for upcoming events such as wine tastings, live music, etc. The wine bar, although part of the Sonoma Grill Restaurant, has its own little personality